Reach wellness through Reiki, Nikken and laughter yoga

Wellness is Prevention of disease

I work with farinfrared, magnetic and life force energy or chi. Healing is four parts mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. I was involved in a head-on collision, muscle and bone transplants, a brain injury.  I searched out many alternative and complimentary approaches to health and learned many tools to deal with pain and discomfort.  I would love to  share my expertise to assist  bringing  you a quality of life; energy, vigor and joy.

We need to supplement our diets as our food dosen't have the vitamins and minerals we need .  Ask me about organic,wholefood, bio-available, bio-directed nutrition?

Ask me about our swiss, organic ecocert skin care?

We are what we say, think, eat and drink.  I would love to help assist you to reach maximum health and quality of life..Please give me a call..I'd love to assist you.


April Davidson
Wellness Victoria
842 Admiral Rd

Victoria , BC V9A 2P2

Phone: 250-388-7717


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